Lancome Christmas Collection 2015

Lancome Christmas Collection 2015


Today I would like to present to you some of the products of the Lancome Christmas Collection 2015. These beautiful products aren’t just looking good but they also are bringing you into a real christmas mood. When I saw the products for the first time, I almost flipped out. Such a beautiful collection, perfectly aligned, so luxurious and uniquely designed. Those who are following Lancome on social media might already have seen the great pictures and short clips of the campagne. The products are perfect as a give away or for the perfect christmas-look.


[blockquote author=“Lancome“ ]La Palette 29, Faubourg Saint Honoré[/blockquote]

bsolute highlight of the Lancome Christmas Collection 2015 is the beautiful „La Palette, 29 Faubourg Saint Honoré„. The palette contains six eyeshadows, three lip colors and a valuable, doublesided brush. The style of the palette is simply marvelous. No matter if regarding the inside or outside. Especially the section of the lip products is very valuable and clever realized. In the past, I often have had palettes with lip products included – but I couldn’t use them after 2 months because they’ve been spoiled with crumbles of the eyeshadows. These aren’t only ruining the color but they also make the lip products useless. The palette costs 55€ and is available for a limited time only! Here, you’ll be directed to the product.




[blockquote author=“Lancome“ ]La Poudre 29, Faubourg Saint Honoré[/blockquote]

erfectly for shiny christmas days, too, is the loose powder „La Poudre 29, Faubourg Honoré“. The design of the product is also foregrounded in this case. I love the cap and I would like to have this look for the permanent products, too – no matter whether it’s christmas time or not. There is a transparent and glistening powder inside the jar. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to capture the fine glitter in his natural look and therefore I couldn’t make any swatches. But it’s really about a very fine, golden glitter, perfectly for the cleavage, hairs, arms or even for a finish in the face. The powder costs 49€ and contains 15g. Here, you’ll be directed to the product.


[blockquote author=“Lancome“ ]Hypnôse Dazzling[/blockquote]

have to admit that, at first sight, I haven’t been very interested in the Hypnôse Dazzling in „420 Givre Dore“. I’m not using eyeshadows like these very often and therefore I’m not buying them. But when I was swatching the product, I was almost blown away by it. You really feel like using a high pigmented creme-eyeshadow but with the benefit, that this product is lasting much longer on the eyelid. The eyeshadow is available in three nuances. Besides this strong, golden color, there is also a bronze and a dark purple one. The Hypnôse Dazzlings cost 29€ each. Here, you’ll be directed to the product.




You can buy these products at the homepage of Lancome and you can take a look at the other products of the Lancome Christmas Collection 2015. I really would like to hear some feedback from you about which product you like the most! Do you already have ideas for your christmas-look?

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